Stress less - Stop that stress!

Stress-management for HSP-ers

Are you experiencing stress? Are you always tired? Do you want more peace, balance and energy in your life? Then this course is right for you. In this online program 'Stress less - Stop that stress!' you will learn how to best handle stress, how to get your energy back how to handle your burnout or prevent from getting one and how you live from the heart. After 9 weeks your body, soul and spirit will be in balance and you will have the tools to keep it that way. 

stress-less 2beinbalance arnhem‘I learned to recognize my limits and how to guard my boundaries so that I am able to empty my "bucket" in time. This gave me my sense of control over my own life back!’

Did you do my burnouttest and did you score 10 or more points? Then this training can really benefit you. Jou will learn how to handle your stress, what your limits are, how to guard your boundaries and how to balance yourself. This wil give you satisfaction, joy and energy in your life. 

What do yo need to succeed?

This training focusses on your body, mind and spirit. Often only one aspect gets attention, like for instance food, exercise of thoughts. The starting point of this training is that everything is connected to everything. If you let your energy sip away every day, than eating a healthy meal won't do much good.... It's important to find the right balance in your life.

✓ In the first 3 weeks we turn our attention towards your body. You will create a healthy lifestyle, you will learn how to produce your own happy feelings, what gives you energy and how to listen to what your body tells you. 

After that the focus will be on your mind. You will learn how to handle your perfectionisme, stop worrying so much and how to let go so you can achieve peace of mind. You will also learn some techniques also found in mindfulness.

✓ In the final 3 weeks you will connect with your heart. You will discover how to nurture your soul, how to give yourself a daily energy boost and you will discover what makes your heart beat faster. 


What you will learn in this online training:

stress 2beinbalance arnhem✓ How to get rid of your tiredness;

✓ How to stay connected to yourself in times of stress;

✓ How to completely unwind;

✓ How to stop worrying so much;

✓ What your stress pitfalls are and how you can avoid them;

✓ How to prevent burning out or how to handle your burnout;

✓ How to find out what really inspires you;

✓ How to live from your heart.

In 9 weeks you will get a lot of information about stress, lots of practical tips and exercises that will help you to manage your strress once and for all. You can follow the course at your own pace from your own home. 

This is what others are saying about the training…

✓ ‘I find this training very interesting and I really learned a lot. My compliments!’
✓’ I find that this training really enriched my life. I got to know myself again. The exercises really helped. Thank you!‘
✓ ’The training is very clear, fun and educational. Al lot got much clearer for me after following it!’
✓ ’The training provided lots of insights into myself, really valuable'.
✓ 'Because of this training I can now explain my burnout better to my environment, they understand much better now why I react the way I do. ’


This is what you will get when you participate:

✓ Per week a chapter from the digitaal workbook, with knowledge about what stress really is and how you can handle it better, with lots of practical tips and exercises for more energy and control in your life. 

✓Practical exercises that will help you to discover your limits, how to empty your bucket when it's to full and what gives you energy.  The exercises can be downloaded in PDF for maximum knowledge transfer. This allows you to get the most out of every lesson and to start practicing what you learned right away. 

Save a lot of time with this onlinetraining! You don't have to waste time inventing the wheel again. You also don't have to go anywhere to learn what you need to know. The only thing you need is an internet connection and a way to open a webpage.

For whom is this training?

This training is for you if you have:

✓ Too much stress right now and you want to deal with this in a healthy way 
✓ You suspect you might have or might be heading towards a burnout 
✓ You have to much stress or a beginning burnout and you want to know how to handle it
✓ You want to know what your limits are and how you can better guard your boundaries 
✓ Your open to new knowledge and ideas

Attention, this training is not for you if:

✓ You already know a lot about stress or a burnout
✓ You are not open to a holistic point of view or new information
✓ You don't like to learn new things about yourself


bonus 2beinbalance arnhem1. Unlimited emails (worth € 450,-)

You can email me about anything, anytime you want. You have unlimited email access to all my knowledge, so use it :)

2. Meditation MP3's to start meditating immediately (worth € 50,-)

You will practice meditation to stay grounded and to better protect yourself.

3. Extra coaching in person (worth € 450,-)

Pay a little bit extra and get personal coaching with the course. You can email me if you want to use this option. It's also possible to get coaching at a later date. 

Ready to stress less in your life?

Yes, I am ready!

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garantie 2beinbalance arnhemGuaranty

I want you to be happy with the contents of this training. If this training does not meet your expectation, let me know via email within 7 days after registering for the training. You will receive a coupon for the entire amount that you can spend on any other product or service I offer here on this website. 


Do you have any question? Let me know. Send me an email and I will answer all your questions.




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