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Are you always there for other people, but do you often forget about yourself in the process?

About one in every five people is highly sensitive. Impressions, sounds and smells can be overwhelming. If you do not know your own user manual that well, you can experience this sensitivity as negative and as a pain in the butt.

In this on-line training I give you valuable knowledge and insight into yourself and your high sensitivity, into your user manual so that you can start to use it as your super power!

Recognize this?

Exausted HSP 2beinbalance Arnhemcheck 2beinbalance arnhemAre you suffering from your emotions, are you worrying too much and is your head always busy?

check 2beinbalance arnhemDo you feel tired, have too little energy and/or are you suffering from physical complaints?

check 2beinbalance arnhemAre you sometimes overwhelmed by panic, are you under a lot of stress and/or do you have problems with your focus and your concentration?

Want this?

More energy HSP 2beinbalance Arnhemcheck 2beinbalance arnhemDo you also want more energy, feel less tired and/or have more time for yourself?

check 2beinbalance arnhemDo you want to live your own life and do you want to be and stay yourself no matter the circumstances?

check 2beinbalance arnhemDo you want to be able to express your feelings and to not only set your boundaries but be able to guard them as well?

Then this training is for you!

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Do you recognize yourself in the following?

hooggevoelig 2beinbalance arnhemcheck 2beinbalance arnhemDo you experience strong emotions, both of yourself and of others even when they are not around?

check 2beinbalance arnhemDo you feel addressed quickly and do you have trouble letting things go?

check 2beinbalance arnhemDo you experience things in your life that other people find strange or impossible?

And do these apply to you as well?

check 2beinbalance arnhemAnd do these experiences make you not want to share what you see, who you are?

check 2beinbalance arnhemAre you always there for other people, but do you often forget about yourself in the process?

check 2beinbalance arnhemDo you often do things against your will because it makes other people happy?



All of this uses up a lot of energy, leaving you feeling empty and tired 

HSP Usermanual 2beinbalanceGet to know your own user manual

If you do not know you are highly sensitive yet or if you don't know how to handle being highly sensitive, knowing your own user manual is what I call that, then you can end up in a negative spiral if you are not careful. This can manifest itself in fatigue, mood swings, depression and/or addictions.

By getting to know your own user manual you can change that. The better you know yourself and the beter you understand your high sensitivity and what in entails for you, te less you are bothered by the challenges and the more you can focus om the beautiful sides of being an HSP. This allows you to use your sensitivity as your super power!


The online training Highly Sensitive Very normal helps you to get out of survival mode and to start living

Survival Mode HSP 2beinbalance Arnhem

check 2beinbalance arnhemSo that you can still feel everything, but it will not make you loose your balance.

check 2beinbalance arnhemSo that you can let go of what is not yours and that who you are, what you are feeling and what is important to you can become clear again.

check 2beinbalance arnhemSo that you can use your sensitivity to better feel what you need at any given moment....without loosing yourself in the proces.

check 2beinbalance arnhemSo that you can clearly feel what suits you and which choices are right for you.

check 2beinbalance arnhemSo that you can take good care of yourself and actually have something to give to the people you want to help.

Which version of the program suits me?


Anita: ‘I learned to see the amzing sides of being highly sensitive instead of the downfalls. This gave me energy and a great appreciation for myself!’

HSP test 2beinbalance ArnhemDid you take my HSP test and did you score 8 points or more? Then you can experience a lot of benefits when taking this online training. You will learn to see the beautiful sides to being a highly sensitive person in stead of being bothered by the downsides. This will give you more satisfaction, pleasure and energy in life.


What you will learn in this on-line training:

hooggevoelig 2beinbalance arnhemcheck 2beinbalance arnhem What is high sensitivity?

check 2beinbalance arnhemWhat does it mean to be a highly sensitive person?

check 2beinbalance arnhem What to do when you are overwhelmed by emotions or feeling drained & empty?

You wil also learn:

check 2beinbalance arnhem How to not let other people and their emotions and energies bother you.

check 2beinbalance arnhemHow to function better and how to be able to stay grounded.

check 2beinbalance arnhemThe secret to getting energy from your unique (high sensitivity) gift

And we will also talk about:

check 2beinbalance arnhem What kind of job best suits you, so that you to can have fun at your job and earn money
Love my job HSP 2beinbalance arnhemwith a job that suits your unique gift.

check 2beinbalance arnhemHow you can protect yourself when you have too much stress of are in a burnout.

check 2beinbalance arnhemHow you can balance yourself, your emotions, your energy and your stress no matter what the circumstances are.

This on-line training lasts 3 months and you can follow it from the comfort of your own home and in your own pace. You can start immediately with the information and the exercises and get to know yourself and your own user manual. It is also possible to start at a later date. You just leave my e-mails in your inbox until you are ready. You will have life long access.

Which version of the program suits me?


This is what others are saying about the program...

✓ ‘This training is very interesting and educational. My compliments!, I do the morning and evening rituals every day and the effect is stunning. I feel so much stronger and closer to myself and it helps me to enjoy my days better and to really sleep well at night. ’  - 43 year old head of finance from Venray'

✓ ’I find this training to be a real enrichment. I am getting to know myself again and I understand myself much better now. The exercises help me tremendously. Thank you! Iam learning to let things go and to gain a new perspective on myself' - 37 year old manager and mother of 3 kids from Arnhem

✓ 'This training is super clear, fun and educational! So many things fall into place! I am really getting to know my own user manual and that is soooo valuable to me :) I know now what my limits are and I know how to guard my boundaries. I stick up for myself and that makes me so proud!'- 40 year old HR head from Arnhem'

✓ ’The training has given me a lot of insight into myself, very valuable. I do the exercises daily, especially the meditations and it stuns me that something so simple has such a big effect.'- 53 year old mother of 3 from Leiden'.

✓ 'Because of this training I can now explain being highly sensitive better my environment, so they have a better understanding of my way of reacting. This program has a lot of valuable exercises that you can actually use, like the mirror technique for instance. Barbera gives a lot of practical usable tips and the theorie is extensive and very good. I would highly recommend this program to anyone! - 41 year old ZZP from Hilversum

✓ 'I think this program is very valuable. Barbera really know what she is talking about! This course contains hands on exercises that really make a difference, she also gives lots of useful tips. The most valuable to me was the personal coaching session with Barbera. You taught me so much Barbera, thank you! '- 45-jarige moeder van 2 uit Nieuwegein'


What you will get:

PDF HSP 2beinbalance5 kick-ass modules from a digital workbook in a professional online learning environment.

Practical exercises, that will help you to achieve great results.

MP3 HSP 2beinbalance ArnhemMeditation MP3's which you can use daily and which you can download to your own phone.

Valuable tips to remain standing as an HSP

Video's HSP 2beinbalance Arnhem Inspiring video's to give you extra information

Free telephone session for all your questions.

Acces to the Facebook Group with your peers.

✓ guerantee HSPLifetime access and login 24/7 (it is all digital + downloadable so you can login to access the content & download the course and take it with you on the go)

✓ Content is available in video, audio (MP3) and digital workbook (PDF)

✓ 30 day 100% money back guarantee  

Amazing bonusses (Videos, meditations, PDF's)

As soon as you enroll, you will get immediate access (via username and password) to Highly Sensitive Very Normal and all the bonuses.


Save time with this online program! You don't have to go somewhere, you can follow this training from the comfort of your own home any time you want. You can learn new things from anyplace you want to. You only need a computer or a tablet and internet!

Which version of the program suits me?


For who is this training?

You will get the most out of this training if you:

For whom HSP 2beinbalance Arnhemcheck 2beinbalance arnhem Suspect that you are highly sensitive, but you are not sure yet

check 2beinbalance arnhem You recently found out that you are highly sensitive, but you don't know what this means and how this is supposed to give you energy

check 2beinbalance arnhem If you only see the downsides of being highly sensitive, instead of the energy giving qualities

check 2beinbalance arnhemIf you are open to new knowledge and ideas

Pay attention, this training is NOT for you if:

check 2beinbalance arnhem When not HSP 2beinbalance arnhemYou already know a lot about high sensitivity and you have been practicing with that extensively

check 2beinbalance arnhem You are not open to a holistic approach, new ideas and knowledge

check 2beinbalance arnhem You don't like reading (digitally)



bonus 2beinbalance arnhem1. Counselling by telephone (with a value of € 120,-)

You will receive the possibility to plan a telephone session. We can talk for 30 minutes and I will give you advise personally.

2. Meditation MP3's to start meditating inmediatly (with a value of € 90,-)

You will practise meditating so you can be grounded and centered.

3. Extra coaching in person (with a value of € 950,-)

If you pay a little extra, it is possible to follow this training AND get 2 hours of personal coaching. You can arrange for this at the start of the training by mentioning it in the comments field of the subscription form. It is also possible to arrange this later on, please contact me for the possibilities.

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